PIG CITY - Terminal Decline LP PIG CITY


The desert is an unforgiving land, definitely a hard place for people to live. The ones who do survive the temperatures that can hit 120, and scorpions that lurk in ever crack and crevace and can birth thirty more evil pinching stinging machines at a time, they turn out different. Mad Max isn't know for his witty banter or snappy comebacks but has a thousand-yard stare of someone who had his partner killed and has to live on the road for fuel and sustenance. Phoenix's PIG CITY embodies that stare - they produce Misanthropic dirges that would make an normal person question their sanity. They dig in deep and produce a sound that that reminds me if HIS HERO IS GONE or ARTIMUS PYLE played more blastbeats. I wouldn't cross the way this band sounds on a brightly lit street at night, just hearing them makes me anxious and want to find somewhere safer to be.

YELLOW VINYL (KOTM Exclusive) limited to 100 copies

on King Of The Monsters & To Live A Lie Records