10 new trenchant tracks of OSR hardcore punk from Philadelphia, combining the grit and urgency of pre-brunchification Lower East Side hardcore with the BPM of Jersey political punk and imbued with rustbelt pragmatism and gloom. Intentionally introspective and thoughtful lyrics growled over a reinterpretation of classic hc themes. Recorded, mixed and zhuzhed by John Baizley of Baroness to produce a thoroughly Philadelphia vibe, with members of Citizens Arrest, Nema, Monster X, and The Scarlet Letter. Perfectly partnered with King of the Monsters, forged over decades of friendship.

"Grey C.E.L.L.'s lineup is an impressive one. Janis Cakars (Citizens Arrest, Hell No), Derik Moore (Automaton, The Scarlet Letter, Citizens Arrest), Jim Robinson (To Tremble, HTML), and Kane Cathain (Nema, Stations) came together in mid-2017.
In terms of their sound...finds the band weaving together discordant hardcore in the vein of Mohinder, Honeywell, and Union of Uranus. Recorded by John Dyer Baizley of Baroness, the EP lives up to the formidable discography of each of the group's members. In particular, Cathain's vocals come ripping through the mix with an ugly vengeance." ~taken from No Echo (

100 on gold vinyl
200 on black vinyl